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Terraformer FLAC 24/48 (album wrap* + extra track separate) *one continuous file, no index splits.

Why an album wrap and not split tracks on the 24bit/48khz version? Well, you want an audiophile option so I’m giving you the definitive article. The final rendered master does not have split tracks. In order for me to to that, those files would then be copies of the master, but not the actual master. In my opinion that would then render the whole idea largely irrelevant. You’re paying for the studio master file. So here it is. Quit the griping! Whaddya want for £2gbp extra? DNA and stool samples as well?! ;-)

08 Darklands
09 Asgard
10 Twilight in Valhalla
11 The Furnace
12 Still Waters (Run Deep)
13 Apocalypse of Love

12 Heart
13 Lughnasad (2011 version)
14 Just Passin Thru - Secrets
15 Mnemosyne
16 Senanque (free with website purchase only)

01 Terraformer
02 Meslmereyes
03 Summers Past
04 Akira
05 Djangotron
06 Out of the Darkness
07 Get Dyson

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Terraformer. From Aug 26th 2013.
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Back in 1994 the world was a very different place. Cities lay in ruin, chaos and horror were rife. Well, actually, no it wasn’t, I was just making that up for the sake of it. In 94 my old buddies at Centaur released Terraformer, an album of such earth-shattering proportions that, a full quarter of a mile down the road, a mouse farted.
Terraformer was conceived to follow on from my Blade Runner-esque first CD Replicant. Only there wasn’t so much a story in this one, as a glut of generally excellent music to cram onto a CD and hope it worked. What wasn’t on Terraformer ended up on the Dystopia album. Graham Getty helped me compile the final album as you hear it (minus bonus track Apocalypse of Love), back in the days when that meant 3 DAT machines. Half the album on the first DAT, other half on the second, all to be recorded onto DAT 3, every track start time done by push of button, every fade out another button, getting it done purely in the hope that it wouldn’t all go horribly wrong at some point. It didn’t.

This 'pre-master DAT' was used for final mastering at the London Townhouse Studios. I’ve used this pre-master. So the track segues and running lengths are therefore the same as on the original album release, but the final mastering process now is my own. Although I've opted to ensure the levels max out at the 0db mark, I've kept the average loudness down to enable more dynamic head-space. The original album was crisp at the top end, but not so punchy towards the bottom end. Hopefully I've addressed this and kept the top end crisp.

Kevin Sommers’ new artwork links in more to the theme of the previous album too, and brings a little humour in places too.


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